First time fasting

Gift for the new official Ramadhan first timers

Salaams and congratulations on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan! We hope you have had a pleasant spiritual journey so far and look forward to the great nights of Qadr.

Ramadan is the month of connection to the almighty Allah and if you have children who have reached the age of Taklif (puberty) and it's their first year of fasting, you will further feel the importance of it.

As you know, Taklif is a pivotal point in one's life and it's important that as parents we ensure our loved ones feel this. Therefore Heiat Heidarioon intends to provide a small gift to those children who have reached the age of Taklif AND have been fasting for the first time (usually around the age of 9 for girls and 15 for boys).

If you are a parent with a child/children who is/are fasting for the first time during Ramadhan due to reaching the age of Taklif this year, please fill out the following form and give them a small gift. Insha'Allah this will leave a small but positive impact on their mind and help take them closer to Allah on this unique spiritual journey.

Note: Applications are accepted from all mainland UK.

Registration Deadline: Midnight on Friday 7th May