1. On-line registration is required prior to entry.
  2. Social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times, including the wearing of masks throughout the whole program. Please bring your own masks.
  3. Attendees must sanitise upon entry as well as throughout event where required and follow any devised one-way systems.
  4. Attendees must remain within their designated seating areas at all times and for the duration of the program, including azadari / matam rituals.
  5. Strictly no gatherings or physical contact with other participants outside of your household, including hand-shaking
  6. Shoes, when removed, must be kept in carrier bags and remain with individuals during the program. Please bring your own re-usable carrier bags.
  7. Attendees must bring their own Qurans, du’a books, turbahs, prayer mats etc if needed and make wudhu at home. Washrooms are available for essential use only.
  8. High risk medical patients and over 70s will be refused entry. Children are also advised not to attend. Those who do attend are required to follow the same strict social distancing and seating measures. Limited supervision for children aged between 4 - 12 (parental consent required) may be available for the duration of the programs.
  9. Only monetary donations will be accepted. No food or drinks will be served nor accepted during the program.
  10. At the end of the program, please remain seated and await advice from volunteers on how to exit the building. Please note that organisers and volunteers have the right to remove any individual that fails to adhere to any part of the codes of practice & guidelines during the program.